Authors and Presses in the 2014 Pushcart Prize Edition

Steve Adams for his essay “Touch” (The Pinch).

Charles Baxter for his story “What Happens In Hell” (Ploughshares).

Scott Beal for his poem “Things to Think About” (The Collagist).

Mei-mei Berssenbrugge for her poem “The Lit Cloud” (Denver Quarterly).

Tina Louise Blevins for her story “God of Ducks” (Gettysburg Review).

Ayse Papatya Bucak for her story “Iconography” (Iowa Review).

Robert Coover for his story “The Reader” (Conjunctions).

Eduardo Corral for his poem “In Colorado My Father Scoured and Stacked Dishes” (Poetry).

Bill Cotter for his essay “The Gentleman’s Library: A Nowaday Redux” (The Believer).

Hal Crowther for his essay “Out of Date: the Joys of Obsolescence” (Blackbird).

Kwame Dawes for his poem “The Separation/Retention (Hunger Mountain).

Andre Dubus III for his essay “Writing & Publishing A Memoir” (Riverteeth).

Natalie Diaz for her poem “Cranes, Mafiosos and a Polaroid Camera” (Spillway).

Matthew Dickman for his poem “Akhmatova” (American Poetry Review).

W.S. DiPiero for his poem “There Were Such Things” (ZYZZYVA).

Stephen Dixon for his tale “The Dead” (Boulevard).

Timothy Donnelly for his poem “The Earth Itself” (Poetry Northwest).

Elizabeth Ellen for her story “Teen Culture” (American Short Fiction).

Eric Fair for his essay “Consequence” (Ploughshares).

B.H. Fairchild for his poem “The Story” (Yale Review).

Robert Long Foreman for his story “Cadiz, Missouri” (Agni).

Sarah Frisch for her story “Housebreaking” (Paris Review).

Beckian Fritz Goldberg for her poem “My Neighbor’s Body” (Field).

Louise Gluck for her poem “A Summer Garden” (Poetry).

Jeffrey Harrison for his poem “Listening to Virginia” (Hudson Review).

Sabine Heinlein for her essay “Portrait of a Writer As a Rabbit” (Iowa Review).

AmyHempel for her story “A Full Service Shelter” (Tin House).

David Hernandez for his poem “All-American” (Southern Review).

Bob Hicok for his poem “Getting By” (Yes, Yes Books).

David Hornibrook for his poem “The Ultrasound” (Dunes Review).

Pam Houston for her essay “Corn Maze” (Hunger Mountain).

Saeed Jones for his poem “ Last Call” (Muzzle Magazine).

Philip Kelly for his essay “Painting the Summer Palace of the Queen” (The Sun).

Paul Kingsnorth for his essay “Confessions of a Recovering Environmentalist” (Orion).

Yusef Komunyakaa for his poem “Islands” (Poetry).

Sarah Lindsay for her poem “Origin” (Poetry Northwest).

Jack Livings for his story “Donate!” (A Public Space).

Jill McDonough for her poem “Ming” (Threepenny Review).

Lorrie Moore for her story “Wings” (Paris Review).

Howard Norman for his essay “Healing Powers of the Western Oystercatcher” (Salmagundi).

Sigrid Nunez for her story “Imagination” (The Sun).

Jude Nutter for his poem “Love Like That” (Briarcliff Review).

Molly Patterson for her story “Don’t Let Them Catch You” (Iowa Review).

Carl Phillips for his poem “Your Body down In Gold” (Sugarhouse)

Claudia Rankine for her poem from “That Once Were Beautiful Children” (Ploughshares).

Matt Rasmussen for his poem “After Suicide” (Water-Stone).

Roger Reeves for his poem “The Field Museum” (Cincinnati Review).

Paisley Rekdal for her poem “W.C Fields Take A Walk” (Willow Springs).

Suzanne Rivecca for her story “Philanthropy” (Granta).

Rachel Rose for her poem “Ways To Begin A Poem” (Harbour Publishing).

Davey Rothbart for his essay “Human Snowball” (Paris Review).

Mary Ruefle for her poem “During a Break From Feeling” (Forklift).

Joanna Ruocco for her story “If the Man Took” (Noon).

Susan Slaviero for her poem “The Monster: Classifications and Explanations” (Treelight).

Susan Somers-Willett for her poem “Tallahatchie” (Orion).

David St. John for his poem “Late Oracle Sonnet” (Kenyon Review).

Tess Taylor for her essay “The Waste Land App” (Threepenny Review).

Natasha Trethewey for her poem “Enlightenment” (Virginia Quarterly).

Deb Olin Unferth for her story “Likable” (Noon).

Madhuri Vijay for her story “Lorry Raja” (Narrative).

Ocean Vuong for his poem ‘Self-Portrait With Exit Wounds” (Assaracus).

Afaa Michael Weaver for his poem “Blues In Five/Four, the Violence In Chicago” (Ibbetson St.).

Marcus Wicker for his poem “Interrupting Aubade Ending In Epiphany” (Southern Indiana Review).

Jessica Wilbanks for her essay “Father of Disorder” (Ruminate).

Richard Wilbur for his translation of Francois Villon’s epitaph “Ballade of the Hanged Men” (Hudson).

Jake Adam York for his poem “Self-portrait As Superman (Alternate Take)” (New England Review).

Taymiya Zaman for her story “Thirst” (Narrative).

Paul Zimmer for his essay “Reliquaries” (Georgia Review).

Andre Zolot for his essay “The Piece Need Not Be Built” (American Circus).